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Where is the best place to put the mirror in the house?


1. Place it at the entrance

A mirror is placed at the entrance, which can not only be used to organize the appearance when entering and exiting, but also make the entrance brighter. It is also a feng shui method for promoting wealth, which will bring about the effect of attracting wealth, but remember not to face the gate.

2. Place it in the dining room

The folk dining room is known as the family cornucopia, so putting a mirror in the dining room can enhance the ability to gather treasures and increase the wealth of the family, and it is the place where the mirror can exert its power the most.

If you don’t have a dedicated dining room at home, the area where the dining table is located can be regarded as a cornucopia. Put the dining table near the window, where the light is particularly bright, and you can also make money.

3. Place it in a place that can reflect auspicious images

Add good energy to your home by placing mirrors where they reflect pleasing images.

4. Place it in a darker place at home

The mirror can be placed in a darker place in the home, which can increase the light and eliminate bad energy and yin virtually.


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